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Calculate Your Net Worth

An important step in gaining financial control is to calculate your net worth (assets - debts). Every year, your net worth should be tabulated to review your progress and compare it with your financial goals. In addition, a net-worth statement is a valuable aid in planning your estate and establishing a record for loan and…
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Ladies, We’ve Come a Long Way,But We Still Have Work to Do

It’s amazing what women can do when we have to do it. When failure is not an option, choices are limited, there is no “plan B”, and it absolutely, positively has to get done, women make it happen. Women are hard working dedicated employees, protective mamma bears to our children and loyal to our friends.…
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Retirement: Will It Really be the Golden Years?

What is your definition of the “Golden Years”? Some argue that the true golden years are between ages 40 and 60, when you are still physically and mentally fit and have financial stability. Without proper planning, many who enter retirement may discover the reality is not quite what they had imagined. That picture-perfect scene with…
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