Ladies, We’ve Come a Long Way, But We Still Have Work to Do

It’s amazing what women can do when we have to do it. When failure is not an option, choices are limited, there is no “plan B”, and it absolutely, positively has to get done, women make it happen. Women are hard working dedicated employees, protective mamma bears to our children and loyal to our friends. Women make up the majority on college campuses and now earn more higher education degrees than men. Women are the primary breadwinners in 55% of all households and the number of households headed by single women has more than doubled in the last decade. The bottom line is we are fierce!

So why then do women still earn seventy six cents for every dollar a man earns, why do women make up only 2% of Fortune 500 CEOs and why are women more likely to live in poverty after retirement? The answers to these questions are complex and in some instances out of our control. As women we are accustomed to putting the needs of our husbands, children and in some cases our aging parents first. It’s alright to be a little selfish when it comes to making sure you are taken care of. This is not a bad thing, because if mamma is not taken care of, she can’t take care of everyone else. The fact is when it comes to our health, making sure we are fulfilled spiritually, and taking control of our finances some of us are not doing a good job, and this must stop.

One of the things we can control and must get serious about is managing our finances. You are not expected to know every financial terminology or every new investment that is available to you, but you are expected to educate yourself and seek out the information. Women put in less time in the workforce and are more likely to earn less pension and social security income while living longer. We are responsible for making sure our children; especially our daughters are financially literate. If your spouse or partner is not on board, or the crew you hang around just wants to shop, eat out and go to happy hours, you must lead by example. You are not responsible nor can you control the behavior of others, only yourself. Women can do anything we want when we put our minds to it. The problem is some of us are focusing on the wrong things.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to look nice, eat a great meal at my favorite restaurant, and enjoy a night out on the town once in a while. But if you don’t have an emergency fund, a retirement account, and a separate investment account you don’t have time for a good time because you have work to do. Don’t get me wrong, you can enjoy life and treat yourself, but you must prioritize. Why not attend that free investment workshop instead of going to happy hour. Or instead of getting together with the girls to talk about hair, reality shows, or men, discuss starting an investment club. It takes some women longer than others to feel comfortable in her skin, own her space, and realize her worth, but when she does and she discovers what a fierce, unstoppable, superior human being she is, look out world!

Lynda V. Harris, Licensed Securities Broker

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Lynda is a Licensed Securities Broker and co-host of the financial radio show “Understanding Money” heard Saturday mornings at 8:00 AM on WZAB 880 AM.

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