Specializing in Financial Planning for Women

As women we are accustomed to putting the needs of our husbands, children and in some cases our aging parents first. Women put in less time in the workforce and are more likely to earn less pension and social security income while living longer. Financial planning is different for women; we want to be talked to not talked at.

The Good News:

    • Women Own 10 million businesses
    • 40% of households with assets over $600,000 are controlled by women
    • 48% of millionaires are women
    • Women control more than $14 trillion in assets
    • Women are the primary wage earners in 40% of households
    • Women graduate from college more than men
    • Women consistently outperform male investors

The Not-So-Good-News:

    • Women live 7 years longer than men
    • The average age of widowhood is 55
    • 36% of marriages end in divorce (guess who gets the short end)
    • Social Security is less for women than men
All of this makes it more important than ever to figure out where you stand financially, come up with a plan, and work your plan. Call today to schedule a FREE financial consultation or to get a review of your current investments.
Source: Pew Research Institute 2016